Countryballs speedart is a series of countryballs art drawn by Gavin Liuranium using Since the success of his first countryballs speedart, Asian Family, his countryballs videos have gained popularity and are going viral in the countryballs community. He has also inspired various other YouTubers like Radon86 and TheLapisChicken to upload countryballs speeedarts (both of whom now have way more subscribers than Gavin)

Starting countryballs speedart Edit

Gavin's first countryballs speedart, Asian Family, was his most successful countryballs video so far, as of April 6, 2018. In August 2017, he was bored and randomly drew the countries in Asia using circle tool and copy + paste, yet it gained popularity among the countryballs community. The views on Asian Family is more than half of the entire channel's views, so Gavin can say his channel's life depends on that video. As of May 10 2018, his whole channel has 120,632 views, while Asian Family alone had 64,592 views.

In March 2018, Gavin redid his first countryballs speedart as his #15, naming it "Countryballs Speedart #15 - Asian Family! Remaking my first countryballs speedart". This video was not as well-received initially as people still viewed the original Asian Family because it was the first search result when searching "countryballs speedart" on YouTube. However, as of May 10 2018, the redone version has received over 2,100 views. To Gavin, this was considered a "positive" growth.